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In the South West Sardinia there are great spots for kitesurfing with wind blowing for twelve months a year with an impressive frequency.

  • A few kilometers from the Kite House there are some of the best flat water spots in Europe such as Punta Trettu and Porto Botte with constant wind from mid of March to mid of November and ideal conditions for kitesurfing and freestyle training.

  • Here are some good wave riding spots that work mainly from October to May such as Funtanamare, Porto Pino and Calasetta.

  • Moving further South we find the beautiful Chia (nice waves with East wind in Autumn) and Maddalena Beach in Capoterra, a great alternative in summer with high-pressure condition and South wind.

  • Do not forget Is Solinas beach and Punta S'Aliga within a twenty minutes driving from the Kite House.

Note that in Sardinia from mid of September to end of June you can kite in every beach respecting the rules of common good sense, while during the “swimming season" (especially in July and August) the "authorized areas" are not many, laws are more restrictive and authorities tend to make checks.



At Kite House for kitesurf courses and lessons we collaborate with the best kitesurf schools in South Sardinia, with certified, expert and multilingual instructors. We can suggest to our guests different solutions for all needs, do not hesitate to specify your request.

For the rental of kitesurf equipment at Kite House, thanks to the recent partnership with Ozone Italia, as "Test Center" we have kites, boards and harness for testing and rental. You can test the new materials and not staying on the ground anymore! We have big kites for possible days of light wind and small kites for the days of strong wind. Kites and boards for all styles and levels: freeride, freestyle, wave, air-style, light wind.

We can propose:

  •      Advantageous "accommodation + equipment" packages for those who do not own or do not want to bring their own.

  •      Personalized training to progress quickly, perfect style and learn new tricks.

  •      "The downwind of the lagoon" fun and accessible to all with arrival at the Kite House.

  •      Guide, assistance and supervision for kitesurfing in the various spots of South Sardinia throughout the year.


✓ Ozone equipment demo/test

✓ Kitesurf equipment rental

✓ Kitesurfing lessons & training

✓ Assistance and supervision

✓ Rescue service

✓ Guide for downwinds

✓ Guide for kite trips

✓ Washing area for equipment

✓ Equipment storage

✓ Wind forecast South Sardinia

✓ Useful info and kitesurfing tips



In the South West of Sardinia there are good wind conditions for kitesurfing practically all year round, with many spots including the best flat water spots in Europe where water is never too cold even during the few "winter months": Punta Trettu and Porto Botte or between the waves of Funtanamare, Calasetta, Chia and Mari Ermi.

At Kite House Sardinia, in collaboration with the kite schools in Sardinia, we are committed to give up-to-date information of all the spots in South Sardinia, providing live suggestions about wind and best weather conditions for your kitesurfing day.

Note that the wind forecast websites don't consider the thermal wind and the "Venturi effect" that work a lot especially in Punta Trettu and Porto Botte. The real wind here is always 5/10 kn more than the forecast say!




Living near the spot for many years and throughout the year, while aware that the conditions may vary every year, we try to give some useful information on the "windy seasons in Sardinia".


From March the weather becomes milder and the temperatures warmer with more constant winds. April is the month that officially opens the season with rare cloudy days and rising temperatures. Mistral and Scirocco alternate and in case of perturbation they can be strong. You can kite everywhere and the waves are still on!

Main winds: NW/N/SE/SW/W | Wind strengh: 10/40 kn | Wetsuit: 5/4 mm

Day air temperature: 18/25 °C | Water temperature: 15/20 °C


May is usually the month of the year with the highest wind days percentage. Usually the Mistral prevails with sun and pleasant temperatures, the thermal wind is already on! In June the temperatures continue to rise, there are hot days with sun and thermal wind almost every day.

Main winds: NW/SE | Wind strength: 15/30 kn | Wetsuit: 4/3 mm - 3/2 mm


Day air temperature: 25/30 °C | Water temperature: 20/25 °C


July and August are the months when thermal wind work really well almost every day in Punta Trettu and Porto Botte. In the rare days of high pressure moving to Capoterra you can kite practically all the time.

Main winds: NW/SE | Wind strength: 15/25 kn | Wetsuit: short - lycra


Day air temperature: 30/35 °C | Water temperature: 25/30 °C


September and October are still warm months and always sunny with the first beautiful waves that start to appear again. The Mistral alternates to the Scirocco, and hot days with light winds following days with stronger winds.The beaches are free from swimmers and you can start kite everywhere! It is also an excellent time to dedicate yourself to other activities such as surfing, sup, wakeboarding, mountain biking, free-climbing and horse riding.

Main winds: NW/SE/E | Wind strength: 15/30 kn | Wetsuit: 3/2 mm - 4/3 mm


Day air temperature: 30/25 °C | Water temperature: 25/20 °C


In November and December the wind is less constant and frequent. Beautiful days with sun and light wind alternate to days of very strong and perturbed wind with waves active. A good time to dedicate yourself also to other activities.

Main winds: NW/N/NE/SW | Wind strength: 20/40 kn | Wetsuit: 5/4 mm


Day air temperature: 20/15 °C | Water temperature: 18/15 °C


January and February are the winter months with strong winds and perturbation that lash the island mercilessly. The North European kiters says that it not so cold and the locals are in the water every weekend. Wave-riding lovers can find waves that are very big!

Main winds: N/NW/NE | Wind strength: 25/50 kn | Wetsuit: 5/4 mm - dry-suit


Day air temperature: 10/15 °C | Water temperature: 10/12 °C

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